Even though Illinois is known as the Prairie State, it is home to many industries usually associated with metropolitan areas like financial services, manufacturing and high quality and post secondary educational institutions offering accredited healthcare administration degree programs in Illinois. Most people recognize Illinois for its cosmopolitan city of Chicago which is the primary center for many of its industries. For example, the state's mercantile exchange, its famous lakeside port and many cultural venues are all in Chicago. Even organizations such as colleges, universities and research institutions are described by their proximity to the vibrant city situated along Lake Michigan. Here is a prominent university located only 35 miles south of Chicago which offers one of the most popular degree programs for healthcare professionals.

Governors State University

College of Health and Human Services

The Governors State University (GSU) College of Health and Human Services provides healthcare professionals with quality health and human services education that is based on a commitment to community health and wellness, social justice and professional integrity. The college consists of seven divisions including behavioral health, communication disorders, health administration, nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and social work. Nearly each division in the highly regarded College of Health and Human Services has its own unique accreditation denoting the programs' reputation for excellence. The college offers undergraduate, graduate, and a variety of professional certificates that help students position themselves for leadership roles within the industry.

Bachelor of Health Administration

GSU's Bachelor of Health Administration (BHA) is the ideal degree program for aspiring health care professionals who want a comprehensive background on all aspects of healthcare management. In today's sketchy job market, the healthcare industry is looked upon as a distinct haven for job seekers. The industry is so popular because its workforce displays a variety of skill sets that are not limited to the more high-profile clinical professions such as doctors and nurses. The skills needed to operate, manage and maintain healthcare facilities are important and in high demand according to industry reports and labor statistics. The bachelor's degree in healthcare administration presents students with valuable coursework in healthcare economics, policy planning, ethics, information technology, human resource management and statistics.


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  • The Association of University Programs in Health Administration

1 University Pkwy
University Park, IL 60484

Master of Health Administration

While the College of Health and Human Services BHA degree program is designed to open doors for entry level positions, it is the Master of Health Administration (MHA) degree program that prepares students for responsibilities as primary leaders in healthcare management. The program's curriculum is research based and contains the latest on health informatics, health care decision-making and community healthcare management. Although the MHA degree program is challenging, the entrance requirements are reasonable. Students with all types of academic undergraduate backgrounds pursue MHA degrees, however, these students must complete prerequisite courses in statistics, economics and accounting. Some of the employment opportunities available to MHA graduates include executive director of informatics, director for patient care services and health care consultant.


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1 University Parkway,
University Park, IL 60484-0975

Career opportunities in the healthcare management field abound as health care policy makers update regulations and healthcare facilities expand. The GSU College of Health and Human Services brings students closer to reaching their professional goals with accredited healthcare administration degree programs in Illinois.