Within months, thousands of colleges and universities will release their latest crop of new graduates, perhaps all equally anxious to start their careers in their chosen field of study. Unfortunately, many of these young people will be asking themselves another all important question: What exactly is this degree going to get me? The honest answer is, and always will be, "That depends."

On what?

It won't take long with your newly minted diploma before you figure out that there is a lot you can accomplish with a college degree. Whether you realize it or not, your degree will open a lot of career doors to you, doors that were previously locked and sealed shut. That's the good news.

After you accept this premise the world will open to you. How? Prove yourself. Yes. It's that easy.

But I Only Have a Bachelor's Degree

With this logic you could only have a million dollars too, and if you consider that a limiting factor chances are good it will be. It's like Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

In bygone days the jobs that today are called "low level" were called opportunities, and from there anything was possible. In the hospital management profession there are a multitude of levels where anyone with a basic business-focused education could get started quickly and easily. And once that bottom rung has been reached, the sky really is the limit. There are even numerous cases where top hospital administrators have forgone a master's degree and worked their ways to the top.

Silver Lining

If there is a silver lining to the current economic situation, it's the fact that virtually anything can happen. Jobs are often hard to come by and the few that are available are unstable to say the least. On the bright side if you are willing to work to prove yourself, even if you do have a good education, especially one that has a built in specialty such as hospital administration, you are in an excellent position to take that and create a bright future. Further, with a foot in the door anyone with a bachelor's degree in hospital management would easily be able to translate that into an agreement with an employer to be given the time as well as the funding–up front or in reimbursements–to earn a master's degree in hospital management to boot. In situations like this everybody wins. You have a job plus a future master's degree in a promising field, and the employer has a dedicated, and not to mention motivated–person for at the least the foreseeable future.

Bright Future Ahead

So to say that a person has "only a bachelor's degree" in hospital management is an understatement with a lot of room to grow. The truth is that anyone with a effort to try to find their first job in the field and the willingness to prove themselves in that job, the future is indeed bright. You have but to ask and to try.