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While this list is broken into a few basic categories, many sites defy classification and straddle several categories. Indeed, several of these sites made the list precisely because of their ability to offer information in several genres. Consequently, sites are listed according to the category that most clearly matches their purpose, but not necessarily the only appropriate category. If you're looking for the right reading material, consider picking a page or two from each category, then following the page for a week or so till you discern which site fits your needs best.

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Management and Consulting Sites

National Center for Healthcare Leadership

The National Center for Healthcare Leadership's site blends human resource and management information with up-to-date data and educational materials on healthcare delivery, research, and legislation. It oversees several events each year, and maintains an active blog covering news from all healthcare sectors.

The Healthcare Staffing Blog

If you work in human resources or have control over hiring decisions, the Healthcare Staffing Blog is a must-read. This site is maintained by Medical Solutions, and offers healthcare news, including updates on conferences and summits, in addition to regularly posting about legal, regulatory, and human resource challenges in healthcare staffing.

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration

The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration is a subdivision of the American Hospital Association. It's the only national membership organization exclusively dedicated to human resource professionals who work in health care. ASHHRA offers myriad publications, local and regional chapters, access to health management data and research, and a wide variety of committees and subcommittees for professionals interested in getting involved in the politics of health management.

Society for Human Resource Management

Although not specifically dedicated to health administrators, the Society for Human Resource Management is one of the Internet's largest sources for data, opinion, and best practices in the field of human resources. It maintains a large database of educational brochures, as well as legislative updates on numerous subfields within human resources. Health administration professionals who oversee employees, work on challenging legal issues, or otherwise engage with HR issues will find the site to be an invaluable resource. SHRM maintains a national member list as well as numerous local chapters.

American Management Association

Though not specifically targeted to healthcare professionals, the American Management Association publishes a large volume of research relevant to those working in healthcare management roles. It creates numerous seminars, podcasts, and continuing education conferences on virtually every imaginable management topic, and offers an exhaustive list of books, resources, legal information, and professional assistance. AMA also maintains an active blog.

The Callaway Leadership Institute

New healthcare executives and administrators who are looking to sharpen their skills may find assistance at the Callaway Leadership Institute. While the site itself offers some resources and a blog, the real meat is in Callaway's leadership seminars. Featuring numerous small and large conferences on leadership, Callaway is an ideal choice for healthcare administrators moving into executive roles or working in human resources.

Becker's Hospital Review

Dozens of sites offer information and updates to hospital administrators, but Becker's Hospital Review provides a shocking array of data and resources. Featuring white papers, daily blog updates and news stories, tips on tackling common legal issues, and extensive human resource information, the site has gained a reputation as one of the most trustworthy sources for data and research on healthcare delivery and administration.

Treo Solutions

Treo Solutions offers management consulting and training to healthcare leaders and organizations. The site's blog is detailed, tackling myriad healthcare issues every day. Treo Solutions also regularly offers webinars for healthcare administrators, as well as an extensive library of white papers, healthcare data, and best practice guidelines.

Professional Membership Organizations and Legislative Advocacy

American Hospital Association

The American Hospital Association advocates on behalf of more than 5,000 hospitals, and is an ideal starting point for administrators who work in hospital settings. Featuring regular legislative and policy updates as well as an extensive library of white papers and research, the site also includes an interactive marketplace and access to information about AHA's various leadership summits and professional conferences.

American Health Care Association

The American Health Care Association is the country's largest membership organization for long-term health care providers, making it a must-visit for administrators who oversee nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. AHCA advocates on behalf of long-term care facilities, in addition too making legislative and policy suggestions to local and national governments.

Leadership Health Care

Leadership Health Care was originally developed to nurture Nashville's burgeoning healthcare industry, but has since expanded into a far-reaching health leadership organization. While most of its leadership summits and conferences still occur in the Nashville area, the site offers an extensive resource room as well as regular news updates.

Health Leadership Forum

Aetna Health Insurance's Health Leadership Forum is a dedicated blog emphasizing issues in health management and administration. It openly solicits new contributors, and features pieces from a variety of perspectives and healthcare disciplines. For health administrators interested in popular opinion, the site features regular polls, as well as data from past surveys.

Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

Social, mental, and physical health are inextricably linked, and the Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care (SSWLHC) aims to bridge the gap between the two. It features an extensive resource list and a job board, as well as a members-only area full of beneficial information for healthcare administrators, particularly those who work in behavioral health.

Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals

With its exclusive dedication to healthcare administrators, the Association for Healthcare Administrative Professionals maintains an active website and an in-depth members-only area featuring articles, studies, and other resources. AHAP holds an annual conferences, and local chapters plan regular events. The site's job bank is a rich source of career leads for members looking for career assistance.

Rand Corporation's Health Care Organization and Adminsitration

The Rand Corporation is a nonprofit think tank that has conducted extensive research into healthcare systems, delivery, and management. It's healthcare page publishes the company's most recent research into healthcare management, as well as statistics from both the U.S. and abroad. Site visitors can filter according to author or by topic, and the blog is updated regularly.

American College of Healthcare Executives

As the publisher of Healthcare Executive magazine, the American College of Healthcare Executives endeavors to be a premiere source of information for healthcare executives. The site lists a wide variety of resources, provides up-to-date information on healthcare administration education, and offers an extensive job listing center and career resource service.

Healthcare Leadership Council

The Healthcare Leadership Council is a group of healthcare executives, and the organization focuses heavily on policy and healthcare best practices. Its website offers information on political issues facing healthcare professionals, as well as regional updates on issues across the country. It's host to several special programs and conferences on healthcare management, and maintains an active newsroom filled with healthcare management data and news.

American Academy of Medical Administrators

The American Academy of Medical Administrators is a diverse group that offers membership into several different medical colleges devoted to interests such as neurology and oncology. Its annual summit features well-regarded speakers and a wide variety of exhibits. AAMA also offers local events, an active resource room and help with continuing education credits.

Health Care Administrators Association

The Health Care Administrators Association is a membership-based organization that provides publications and data to members, as well as myriad benefits and a job listing site. HCAA puts on an annual conference, as well as several smaller local conferences. The organization also offers training and certification for Certified Self-Funding Specialists who work with self-funded healthcare plans.

National Institute for Healthcare Leadership

The National Institute for Healthcare Leadership specializes in putting together small conferences and focus groups called National Learning Networks. The site offers networks for healthcare professionals in a variety of sub-disciplines, such as education and marketing, and maintains an active resource area.

Healthcare Leadership Alliance

The Healthcare Leadership Alliance is actually a consortium of other organizations dedicated to healthcare professionals. Its competency directory is an up-to-date and exhaustive list of resources and healthcare administration news.

American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

Catering exclusively to healthcare managers, the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management puts on a wide variety of conferences and seminars, and publishes numerous publications. AAHAM also offers a certification program for healthcare managers, as well as advertising and job search opportunities.

Government Websites and NGOs

World Health Organization

The World Health Organization is the preeminent international organization dedicated to improved health and well-being. The WHO routinely publishes opinions on healthcare delivery and best practices, as well as news on international and local health concerns. For administrators who work in academia or research, the site's extensive research and wide variety of resources are indispensable. is home to the nation's healthcare exchange, as well as a host of information about the Affordable Care Act. The site contains links to detailed regulatory and policy information, and health administrators can easily use it to search current insurance rates and explore benefit options.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

As the only body that can authorize prescription drug sales in the United States, the FDA's site is a must for healthcare administrators who work with prescription drug companies. The FDA maintains an active list of currently approved drugs, updates on recalls, and an extensive resource area.

Health Resources and Services Administration

The Health Resources and Services Administration is a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It features a diverse array of information useful to health administrators, including legal and legislative updates, an exhaustive guide to healthcare laws, healthcare data and statistics, and access to a wide variety of programs sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services.

United States Department of Labor

Labor laws might not be the first thing that you think of when you contemplate health administration, but the department of labor determines everything from how many hours your employees can work to the safety requirements you must meet. Featuring updates on recent regulatory changes as well as plain language summaries of important laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the DOL is also home to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA offers ample data on worker safety, and can serve as a partner to healthcare administrators charged with implementing safety and health policies.

Educational and Credentialing Organizations

Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education

The Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education is a must-have site for healthcare administrators who work at educational institutions or who oversee students. The site maintains an up-to-date list of accredited programs, as well as data about a host of educational programs and an extensive list of resources. The CAHME Chronicle publishes quarterly updates on healthcare education, information about continuing education seminars, and a list of upcoming events.

Association of University Programs in Health Administration

The Association of University Programs in Health Administration functions as a one stop shop for all things health administration-related. Featuring information and data on healthcare educational programs, an active blog, an extensive resource area, and a wide variety of healthcare events, the site also offers membership options for students, faculty, administrators, and other healthcare workers.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission accredits more than 20,000 healthcare organizations, making it a vital site for administrators seeking accreditation or information about the process. The site also provides detailed information about healthcare standards and best practices, as well as a regularly updated blog covering issues in healthcare education and administration.

Healthcare News and Blogs

Journal of Healthcare Leadership

Created by Dovepress, the peer-reviewed Journal of Healthcare Leadership is an entirely open online journal dedicated to healthcare leadership issues. For healthcare administrators interested in publishing their work in a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Healthcare Leadership offers a remarkably short editorial timetable of just 10 days.

Ragan's Healthcare Communication News

Ragan's Healthcare Communication News maintains one of the most active and diverse blogs for healthcare workers on the web. It features updates from every healthcare communication sector, advice on communicating with patients, information on grammar and writing skills, and a host of other issues, so virtually anyone who works in healthcare can find something useful here.

Kaiser Health News

Maintained by Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Health News publishes daily updates on virtually every segment of the health sector. Its postings range from data on healthcare outcomes to advice for the layperson, and the site regularly features debates on policy, legislative updates, and other news of interest to healthcare professionals.


KevinMD is your destination for everything healthcare-related, from trends in best practices to news and legislative updates. The site features more than 1,000 healthcare bloggers, all of whom have expertise in the healthcare industry. The site doesn't shy away from controversial issues, and many posters vociferously post strong opinions about healthcare policy and legislation.

Teleos Leadership Institute Blog

The Teleos Leadership Institute is a general-purpose management and consulting firm, but its blog features topics that are highly relevant to healthcare leaders, particularly those who work in human resources. The site provides both legal and practical information, and Teleos offers consulting services to healthcare executives.

The New Age Health Care Blog

Don't be fooled by the name. The New Age Health Care Blog isn't the brainchild of alternative medicine devotees. Instead, it aims to help healthcare providers and administrators adjust to the changing healthcare landscape. Though small, the site features quality articles by a single author, Dr. Sumeet Kad. It places special emphasis on globalization's effect on healthcare.

Fierce Healthcare

Fierce Healthcare is a dedicated blog and news site offering daily updates for healthcare administrators. The site also features a job board and marketplace, as well as an extensive resource library and a daily newsletter featuring the site's top stories.

Job Sites

Health Jobs Start Here

Health Jobs Start Here is more than just a job search portal. Instead, it endeavors to guide visitors through the entire process of working in the health industry. It features tips on getting into school, assistance locating the right educational program, and a highly customizable job search engine. The site is relatively small, with fewer job listings than some other sites, but its comprehensive nature makes it an excellent starting point for seasoned professionals, as well as those interested in learning more about the field.

Health Jobs Nationwide

Featuring only health-related jobs and with a special emphasis on administration, human resources, and management, Health Jobs Nationwide is a free job search site. Searchers can pick from a number of categories, customize their search, and create a profile designed to attract the attention of recruiters and employers.

Healthcare Administration Jobs/h3>

Healthcare Administration Jobs is exclusively a job portal, and its simple design makes it easy to overlook. This simple site, though, packs a powerful punch, allowing administrators to narrow their search by region or employer and to search for keywords. For administrators seeking additional training, the site also offers a degree search portal.

Health eCareers Network

Featuring more than 14,000 healthcare jobs and an intelligent, customizable search engine, Health eCareers also provides extensive resources to health leaders. The site features a blog, resource list, a regular newsletter, and hundreds of articles on healthcare topics.

Thought Leadership on Healthcare

Jeff Pepperworth, president of Inmar Healthcare Network, manages all of the content on the Thought Leadership on Healthcare Blog. The site offers a diverse array of perspectives on healthcare management, and covers a wide swath of health management topics. Visitors can also access a host of white papers and a diverse and constantly changing data library.

MDLinx Hospital Administration News

MDLinx promises its readers, "5 minutes to stay current." It delivers on this promise, offering a simple layout and a no-nonsense list of the most interesting and current hospital administration news. Hospital administrators interested in the broader field of medicine can navigate to the site's main page, where MDLinx aggregates a host of relevant news on health and healthcare.

Modern Healthcare

Modern Healthcare is a massive site dedicated to all things related to healthcare administration and delivery. The site updates its news section daily, maintains an active blog and resource list, and webinars and continuing education seminars. It also publishes regular top 25 and top 100 lists featuring healthcare leaders, stellar healthcare facilities, and other healthcare data.

AMN Healthcare

AMN is a dedicated blog that acts more like a healthcare journal. Featuring award-winning writers who dig deeply into issues in healthcare administration, the site is a rich source of in-depth information. It also offers staffing assistance, healthcare consulting, and a wide variety of healthcare-related seminars, events, and speakers.

Medical News Today

Most healthcare providers know Medical News Today as a source for press releases and executive summaries of recent studies in medicine and related fields. But Medical News Today is a must-view for administrators as well. It features regular new on practice management, healthcare delivery, and health legislation and regulations. The site allows users to filter by healthcare topic, making it a rich source of information for healthcare administrators who want news about their specific niche.

Miscellaneous Useful Sites

Not Running a Hospital

For healthcare administrators overwhelmed and frustrated by the bureaucracy inherent in a large health system, Not Running a Hospital is a must-read. Authored by a former Boston hospital CEO, the site is heavy on opinion, but shares experiences virtually every administrator can relate to, as well as tips for improving healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Envision Inc.'s Healthcare Blog

Envision Inc. is dedicated to healthcare leadership and training, and offers dozens of training briefs and videos for healthcare administrators. Though the site itself is relatively small and unassuming, the information is of the highest quality, and Envision regularly covers topics not discussed on larger and more popular healthcare-oriented sites.

American Medical Association

Although the American Medical Association caters to doctors, its articles and legislative updates are useful for virtually anyone working in medicine. The AMA's website offers tips for implementing healthcare policy, regularly updates viewers on important legal changes, and provides search tools for referring patients to doctors and specialists.

Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a management consulting firm with a strong emphasis on healthcare. Administrators interested in seeking expertise and advise may benefit from working with Bain & Company, but the site itself is also a stellar resource. Featuring regular blog posts, news stories, and an extensive array of resources, Bain & Company also publishes annual reports on a variety of health and business issues.

About the Author

Zawn Villines is a freelance writer based in Atlanta, Georgia. She specializes in health journalism.