As the only university with accredited public health degree programs in Montana, the University of Montana leads the way in the state in this and other disciplines. Situated in scenic Missoula, which is the state's second largest city, UM admits nearly 15,000 students each academic year in its many schools. Students may enroll in degree programs that encompass the sciences, arts and humanities and result in bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees. A diverse campus population exposes students to a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. UM is also recognized for its programs that uniquely blend classroom learning with experience in the outdoors. The university ranks fifth among all public universities for producing Rhodes Scholars and has also educated eight Pulitzer Prize winners.

University of Montana

School of Public and Community Health Sciences

With an emphasis on improving access to health care for people living in rural areas around the world, the School of Public and Community Health Services is dedicated to providing students with the opportunity to study in a distance-based format. Students learn not only in the classroom, but also are required to supplement this education with real world experience. The programs offered are transformative for the students and for the communities in which they serve. Through earning a degree students become aware of local, national and worldwide health concerns such as infectious diseases and access to affordable health care and discover how to help communities respond to these concerns.

Master of Public Health (MPH)

As the only accredited public health degree programs in Montana, the Master of Public Health is poised to help students explore the social and governmental factors that impact public health policies. Outcomes include the enhanced ability to apply collaborative strategies and problem-solving skills to complex issues and improved communication skills that make it possible to successfully broadcast warnings, advisories and education to the public. Upon graduation students will be ready to fulfill leadership positions that promote healthy lifestyles and reduce the spread of infectious diseases. This unique program is conducted almost entirely online in an asynchronous delivery system, making it possible for students to join no matter where they live. Completion of 42 credits is required to graduate. Added to 36 core credits are a professional paper, a practicum and a portfolio. The practicum is a particularly valuable experience in which students work with an organization providing public health services.


  • CEPH: Council on Education for Public Health


Public Health
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Students involved in these unique accredited public health degree programs in Montana are fully prepared to meet the challenges of complex health issues that face society today. Whether it's dealing with a sudden outbreak of an infectious disease or combatting obesity and diabetes in a rural population, graduates from these accredited public health degree programs in Montana possess the education and experience necessary to make a positive difference.