For those seeking out accredited master of public health degree programs in Alabama, there is one choice available. Though Alabama doesn't have a lot of options for those looking for a master's in public health, the program that is available is highly reputable and known throughout the country as an exceptional option for those in the south. Alabama has a lot to offer those interested in a world class education and choosing to attend school in the state will bring many excellent benefits. The following information is an overview of the single accredited master of public health degree program in the state.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

School of Public Health

The School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham is focused on improving the lives of people across the globe. The challenges of public health are great and students who come out of the public health programs at UAB are ready to meet those challenges head-on. The school has a number of scholars and professionals on their staff who are dedicated to teaching students the latest information in public health. These teachings will give students the knowledge to make a positive impact on the city of Birmingham, the state of Alabama and the world as a whole.

Master of Science in Public Health

The MS in public health is a degree program that is heavily focused on research and is designed for students who are interested in focusing on a career in public health. Students will have the option to specialize in an area of public health through this program. The specialization options include clinical and translational science, environmental health, outcome research or applied epidemiology.
All of the programs that are offered by the school combine research and classroom instruction in order to fully prepare students for their future careers. This program will fully prepare students for work in the field of public health or for future schooling in a Ph.D. program. In order to successfully graduate from this program, students will need to take on either a research project or write a thesis. All of the public health specializations have this option.


  •  Council on Education for Public Health.

University of Alabama at Birmingham
School of Public Health
Ryals Public Health Building
1665 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294-0022
Phone: (205) 934-4993

Working in public health is something that many people are highly interested in. Finding a program in Alabama can be equally important to a number of potential students. Fortunately, those wishing to remain in Alabama or those who wish to move to Alabama have an excellent option when looking for accredited master of public health degree programs in Alabama.