Not everyone in the healthcare field works directly with patients. If you have a master's in healthcare administration, most of your work is going to be in leading healthcare organizations, not in dealing with patients. You're on the business end – the leaders who make sure everything is running smoothly. According to Forbes magazine, a master's in healthcare administration is the eighth most valuable graduate degree to have for getting a job. Where you take your degree depends in part on what you specialized in while doing your graduate work. Generally speaking, however, there are several different areas where you can focus your job search.

Healthcare Providers

One of the most prolific employers of those with a master's in healthcare administration are healthcare providers. Positions can be obtained in hospitals, doctor's offices, mental health clinics, rehabilitation centers, or rest homes, to name a few. Any place that provides health services to patients is a possible candidate. One think to keep in mind about these facilities is that the hours here may be longer. In this area, many buildings are open 24/7, so it's distinctly possible that you will be expected to work long or odd hours and even be called in overnight. Some job titles at these places may include departmental director, patient care administrator, or clinical manager.

Insurance Companies

Allowing the healthcare field to function are the insurance companies. With the tremendous boon of expansion that has taken place in the industry, insurance companies are increasingly adding staff with graduate degrees like a master's in healthcare administration. Job titles like director of marketing and sales, analysts, client managers, and administrators with backgrounds in account, staffing, and communications are in particular demand.

Medical Equipment Suppliers

Healthcare providers would be nowhere without the medical equipment necessary to allow the surgeons and doctors to do their work. Medical equipment suppliers are big business nowadays whether they are providing stethoscopes, gauze, or artificial organs. The emphasis here is less on patient care than it is on sales and distribution, human resource management, accounting practices, and training. Job titles here might include any in the area of upper level management.

Government/Policy Organizations

Once you go into the healthcare field, it's hard not to hear frequent references to the government and policy-making organizations like the Food and Drug Administration or the American Red Cross. Agencies and organizations in this category could include anything from a prison to the Food and Drug Administration. Many are vital to the functioning of the healthcare system and many have ample opportunity for those with a master's in healthcare administration. The types of job titles vary but operations manager and program manager are common.

The healthcare field is full of opportunities for someone with a master's in healthcare administration, most of which are quite lucrative. If you are still unsure of which direction to take your career, you can visit where you can find even more information on different avenues to pursue as well as salary projections. Another great resource is the Association of University Programs in Health Administrationwhere you can explore additional career paths and programs.