What is a rehabilitation services manager and what do they do on a daily basis? If you would like to work in the field of rehabilitation, it is important to set goals for yourself so that you know what title you would like to work towards. As a management professional within the medical field of rehabilitation, you will oversee a rehab center, staff members and the implementation of specific programs. Read on, and learn the specific duties of a manager.

Where Do Rehabilitation Managers Work?

A manager working in rehabilitation services does not work in just a single setting. While managers will typically work for a private or publicly-funded rehabilitation center, some managers work for corporations, hospitals and government agencies. Managers who work in rehab centers may treat patients who are dependent of drugs or alcohol or patients who are suffering from mental or physical ailments. Some rehab centers also treat patients who have sustained injuries while working on the job. The roles and responsibilities of a manager will depend upon the setting in which they work.

What Are the Duties of a Rehabilitation Services Manager?

A manager works behind-the-scenes in a rehab center to organize and direct the operations of the facility. One of the most important roles of a manager in this setting is providing staff with the leadership that they need to manage all of the teams who collaborate together to rehabilitate patients. A manager will create schedules, manage the team, review customer complaints, address concerns and determine if disciplinary action is necessary when policies are broken. It is also the managers responsibility to select and train staff members who work with patients in the facility.

It is also a rehabilitation services manager's responsibility to stay up-to-date with the laws and policies centering around rehabilitation on state and federal levels to ensure that the facility complies. A manager will learn about changes in the law and then convey these changes in procedures and policies with staff. If the facility does not comply and the manager does not educate the staff of new programs and procedures, the facility could be penalized.

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How to Become a Rehabilitation Manager

To become a manager in the field of rehabilitation, you will need to complete a formal educational program majoring in physical therapy, occupational therapy, allied health or a related field. It is in your best interest to also take elective courses in business or management to gain the experience that you need to lead a rehab center and staff.

Once you earn an undergraduate degree, you should move on to earning a graduate degree so that you can get certified. According to The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification, by becoming a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, you can gain field experience and then gain an understanding for what staff that you manage do on a daily basis. The certification that you pursue depends on the type of center you would like to manage.

Coordinating and overseeing rehabilitation services can be a challenging job. If you want to help people rebuild their lives by overseeing counselors who are trained to treat them, then becoming a rehabilitation services manager could be the right title or you.