A community relations manager in healthcare is a great way to work in the healthcare field without having to work directly with patients. It is also a way for community-minded people to have a fulfilling career while earning a salary.

What the Job Is Like

You're probably wondering what the actual job is like if you're asking about a career as a community relations manager in healthcare. Simply put, you're responsible for connecting your workplace to the community. For instance, if you work at a hospital, you might be involved with planning a fundraising event for expanding the children's ward, or you could be responsible for finding an employee to give a statement when the press wants to put together a story about a recent event. Basically, you'll be working in the public relations field. Some employers will also add certain human resources duties to your job, but this will depend on where you choose to work. Each day will be different – you could be helping with a commercial that's going to air on a local station one day and holding a press conference the next day.

The Education You'll Need

If you want to get a job as a community relations manager, you'll have to get at least a Bachelor's degree. There are quite a few majors that you could pick to qualify for the job, including:

  • communications
  • management
  • non-profit management
  • public relations
  • journalism
  • English

If you really want to be a competitive candidate, go for a Master's degree. While it's not required, you may also want to consider becoming certified through the Public Relations Society of America. No matter how much education you have, though, you'll need to have previous experience in a related position, so make sure to be involved with internships while you're in college.

Expected Salary

After you ask what a community relations manager in healthcare is and find an answer, your next question will probably be about salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, public relations professionals who work in the healthcare industry can expect to make about $78,590 per year. This works out to about $40 per hour if you work a 40 hour week, but almost half of community relations managers work overtime on a regular basis. Since the average community relations manager makes a little more than $90,000 per year, you'll make a less working in the healthcare field than you would working in a field like advertising, but you'll have a very fulfilling career. By working as a community relations manager in healthcare, you can help health care facilities maintain a positive image and help people become more comfortable with seeking medical treatment when they need it.

If you become a community relations manager, you'll be able to have a worthwhile career and make quite a large salary. So, if someone is wondering what a community relations manager in healthcare is, tell them it's a great way to be involved with the healthcare industry.