There is a growing demand for Healthcare Administrators all throughout the United States, but the need is greater in some regions than it is in others. If you have decided that you would like to pursue a career in the healthcare field and that administration is the health-related occupation that suits your interests, it is time to discover where the need lies. Knowing where the demands are high can help you land an entry or mid-level role in administration fresh out of school. Read on, and learn more about not just where there is a demand, but also what areas of healthcare administration are growing.

What is the Overall Outlook in the Health Administration?

With new healthcare reform laws being passed nationwide, there is a growing need for administrators who handle all of the business dealings behind the scenes. Because of the Affordable Care Act and other changes in the economy, over 300,000 administration jobs were added to the field in the year 2012 alone.

The need for healthcare administrators has not dwindled. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that domestically the field will grow by 23% within the next 5 years. This means that more than 73,300 more jobs will be created by the year 2020. While there is projected growth nationwide, the need is much higher in some areas.

Where is there a Greater Need for New Administrators in Healthcare?

Since health services managers are needed in a variety of different healthcare settings, it is important to choose the right setting in the right region when you are trying to start a new career after your studies. Currently, state and private hospitals employ 39% of the professionals within the field. Ambulatory health care services employ the second largest number of administrators and residential care facilities come in third.

To understand where the need for health service managers is the highest, you need to learn where the demands for health services are the highest. One of the best ways to find where the demands are high is to discover where the aging population is growing. Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Florida all have a high need for services in the senior healthcare market. This creates a huge need for administrators in hospitals, nursing homes, residential care facilities and even ambulatory service providers.

The need is also high in areas where there is a growing population. According to a study conducted by Monster, the best states to be a health administrator include: California, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont. This is because not only is there a high need for services, there is also a high living wage that turns into high salary potential.

Administrators play a vital role in ensuring that hospitals and other healthcare facilities are able to run efficiently. If you are ready to enter a field where jobs are being created regularly, it is time to get a formal education. You can easily find a school that has advanced degree programs in Health Administration, but the key is finding a degree program that is accredited and respected. Be sure to do your homework, decide if you are willing to relocate, and seek out an area where healthcare administrators are in demand.