The next several years promise to revolutionize the way that illness is treated in America, with political decisions being carried over into business protocol. And as we move forward with an already dynamic healthcare system within our country, many workers and students are opting to study for a master's degree with hope of working in administration of the field — a career that often promises good pay and the ability to do good work for society. As an administrator, making sure that the system works is a position of both authority and respect, as the wheels and gears of hospitals and practices move forward with their work based on the policies administrators develop and help implement.

Finding the Right Experience

So while a student is working towards their master's in healthcare administration, what sort of jobs can they take on to learn the ups and downs of the profession? Fortunately the options are endless, with the American Institute for Economic Research noting that despite a struggling economy, healthcare jobs are among the best choices for growth in the current market.

One good option — if there are private practices near where the student lives or is attending school — is to seek out smaller healthcare businesses to learn the ropes of the field. Experience with a good dental or medical practice can teach the student real-world lessons in healthcare administration (dealing with insurance forms, having a one-to-one interaction with a doctor over the course of the day, while seeing a doctor interact with patients in a more personal environment) that the overwhelming surroundings of a hospital or insurance company might not immediately provide.

An internship or paying job with a small practice can often also show to future employers that the student is capable of getting results, and with the closeness involved in a medical or dental practice the ability to get a strong letter of recommendation for future employment after graduation is also possible.

How Volunteering Can Provide Great Experience at Little Risk to the Employer

Another great option for the potential healthcare administrator is to seek out volunteer work with a regional hospital The hospital will not have to attend to the complicated hiring process, while welcoming someone to cut down the workload can be a major plus for students. Volunteering can also lead to great letters of recommendation, an intimate knowledge of the way that healthcare works in its day-to-day operations, and who knows, it may even lead to a job after graduation, if a good impression is made.

Healthcare: Knowing the Benefits

It's clear that healthcare as a concern and practice has a special and complicated place in the American social world. It has attracted its share of controversy, with reform in the shape of "Obamacare" both bringing critics and supporters to the table. Additionally, certainly most Americans have experienced the quality of medical care and the trenchant bureaucracy that hospitals, insurance companies and private practices have demonstrated in the last several decades — whether through the illness of a loved one or friend, or through their own personal experiences with doctors, nurses, and administrators.

So students should keep in mind that the field they're entering is a changing one, but also an area of life where the potential to do good is very high. This is just one reason that so many are seeking out this wonderful career.