If you are pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration, you may be interested in learning about the MHA jobs available in outpatient care centers. With your Master's in Healthcare Administration, you can work in several different medical settings, but with new legislative changes in healthcare, the demand for professionals in outpatient settings is higher than ever. There is not just one specific tile you can hold if you would like to hold an administrative title at an outpatient facility. Read on, and learn about some of the titles available to you and what you will do if you hold that title.

Group Practice Administrators Are High In Demand

Group practices are growing in popularity and more and more individuals prefer to visit a practice where they can choose from one of many doctors to get the care that they need. These group practices offer patients the ability to get treatment at their doctor office without having to worry about scheduling conflicts or waiting at the hospital. If you would like to be an administrator, working as a group practice administrator is a great option, according to Explore Health Careers. You will lead the office end of the practice which includes the facility and the staff.

Health Network Finance Managers

If your strengths lie in finance, why not consider the benefits of working to become a health network finance manager. Health networks are groups of providers and hospitals that will provide their client base with treatment and other medical services for a fixed price, even if they do not have insurance. To work in finance, you will need your MHA so that you know the ins and outs of medical insurance claims and other issues that may arise. Since the demand for these services are so high, there is a growing need for health network professionals who will be around to stay.

Urgent Care Human Resources Specialist

Urgent care is designed to help people who need emergency services, but do not have a severe condition that requires a visit to the emergency room. With patients choosing urgent care over the emergency room, there is a need to keep urgent care facilities well staffed and manned. As a Human Resources manager, you will recruit physicians, nurses and medical assistants. You will also set hiring standards and training strategies to ensure the best services are delivered.

Program Managers at Rehabilitation Centers

At some point, a person who is hospitalized due to a physical disability will need to rehabilitate so that they can live on their own. Rehabilitation services will be high in demand as Baby Boomers get treated and are moved from hospitals to their homes. As a program manager at a rehabilitation center, you will work with IT and other managers to ensure that the computer network is up-to-date and always functioning.

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There is a wide range of different titles that you can hold in healthcare administration. From medical billing and finance to marketing and IT, there are several options. The need for MHA graduates is growing as more people are gaining access to healthcare and recruiters have a need for 30 percent more graduates, according to the GMAT website. Now that you know some of the MHA jobs available in outpatient care centers, you can earn your degree and start applying for hire at the best setting.