Though some students think about using their Master's in Healthcare Administration degrees to work in hospitals and clinics, others know that they can us their degrees to find MHA jobs available in dental offices. Dentists help patients improve and restore their teeth in a number of different ways, including filling cavities, replacing broken teeth and installing implants. Depending on your interests, you may find that you prefer working for a dentist and in a dental office rather than working in another healthcare facility.

What is a Master's in Healthcare Administration?

An MHA is a Master of Healthcare Administration degree. Students may enroll in one of these programs after earning a bachelor's in business or healthcare administration or a degree in a similar topic, and some students enter graduate school after earning a nursing degree. Those with a nursing background might work as a nursing administrator and regulate nurses working in a facility. Those who want to work in management, but still interact with patients might enter a Clinician Executive MHA program rather than general MHA program.

What Courses Will You Take?

Before looking at the types of MHA jobs available in dental offices, some students want to learn more about the courses that these programs offer. Most schools divide these programs into several different key areas or topics, including epidemiology, biostatistics, public or community health and occupational health. Epidemiology looks at the causes behind different diseases and how those diseases spread. Some courses may also look at what hospitals and other facilities can do to prevent the spread of those diseases. Biostatistics courses focus on gathering and analyzing data, while community and public health courses deal with problems that affect a large or small group of people. You may also take occupational health classes that focus on keeping workers safe and healthy and preventing workplace accidents.

How Long Does the Program Take?

The length of time that you spend in the program depends on the requirements of that program. Most graduate schools offer a 60 credit hour program that you can finish in two years. Other schools offer classes that meet once a week on weekends or weeknights that let students graduate faster. If you want to gain more hands on experience, you might look for a program that has an internship component. Though you might spend an extra six months or longer in the program, you'll gain some valuable experience.

Working in a Dental Office

MHA jobs available in dental offices typically involve some management experience. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which refers to healthcare administrators and medical and health services managers interchangeably, these workers earn a median wage of more than $88,000 a year. Dental offices may refer to these jobs as administrative positions or as managerial positions. When you work for a dentist, you're responsible for ensuring that the equipment works properly, patients are scheduled correctly and that employees do their jobs. Following the laws for medical professionals is another important duty of the job.

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Expanding your job search beyond hospitals and clinics increases your chances of finding a good job. While you can work in a community health clinic, a substance abuse center or a hospital, you might look for jobs in dental clinics. MHA jobs available in dental offices are open to those who have some experience leading others and have an advanced degree.