A Master's in Healthcare Administration program teaches students the skills necessary to run a medical facility, and many students enrolled in those programs may want to look at the types of MHA jobs in available in ambulatory healthcare services. Ambulatory care refers to facilities that treat patients on an outpatient basis. Patients typically stay there for only a short period of time and return for treatments in the future. MHA graduates can work in different facilities of this type.

Substance Abuse Center Jobs

Substance abuse centers provide support to those dealing with addictions to drugs and alcohol. Though some patients do best with an inpatient setting, others prefer the freedom of an outpatient center. As an administrator in one of these facilities, you'll work with doctors and nurses to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care. You might order new supplies for the center, schedule upcoming appointments for patients and hire new counselors to work in that center. You may also create new programs for those enrolled on an outpatient basis.

Careers in Physical Therapy

Some of the more common types of MHA jobs in available in ambulatory healthcare services are in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. When a patient breaks a bone or suffers a more serious injury, the individual may need help learning how to walk or use that appendage again. Therapists help patients learn their limitations until they fully recover. Working in a physical therapy center puts you in direct contact with both therapists and patients. You need to ensure that patients can see a therapist within a short period of time, that the therapists have all the supplies that they need and that the rehabilitation center operates properly.

Medical and Health Services Managers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers make a median pay of $88,580 a year. The BLS also estimates that by 2022, the number of management jobs will increase by more than 20 percent. Managers can work for one department of a hospital or a facility, or they can work as the head administrator of that organization. They are responsible for maintaining all the daily operations of that organization, including the scheduling of employees, ordering of equipment and supplies and budgeting throughout the year.

Physician Group Administrator

Some of the MHA jobs in available in ambulatory healthcare services deal more with the day to day side of running a medical organization and less with managing others. A physician group administrator is someone who works for a specific group of doctors. You might work with an HMO or a PPO, or you might work in a large medical office that is home to dozens of doctors. These administrators are the ones who take data and information from one doctor to the next and the ones who ensure that those working for the facility have all the information they need. Physician group administrators are also responsible for organizing, budgeting, scheduling and other routine tasks.

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Master's in Healthcare Administration graduates can find work in hospitals, substance abuse clinics and other types of medical and healthcare facilities. Those looking for MHA jobs in available in ambulatory healthcare services will find that these positions are available within outpatient clinics and facilities that treat patients on-site and let them go home at night.