If you are pursuing a degree in a healthcare-related field and would eventually like to work for a disaster management organization, an important question may have crossed your mind: "How can I get a job with FEMA with a Healthcare Administration degree?" By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question.

FEMA – A Brief Overview

FEMA is an acronym that stands for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is an organization that was created by Presidential Reorganization Plan No. 3 and is an agency that operates out of the United States Department of Homeland Security. The primary purpose of FEMA is to coordinate responses to disasters that transpire within the United States.

Getting a Job with FEMA

Individuals who hold a healthcare administration degree and want to work with FEMA should know that there are a plethora of ways to accomplish their objective. By visiting the FEMA website, you can gain access to several tips and tricks designed to help you jumpstart your career with this organization. Four of the strategies FEMA encourages job hopefuls to implement include:

Types of Jobs

Individuals who hold a degree in healthcare administration should note that there are a variety of FEMA jobs that they can apply for, including several permanent full-time positions. To help facilitate the job application and hiring process, FEMA features a link entitled, apply now for a full-time position. When you click this link, you will be exposed to a variety of jobs for which the organization is currently hiring. At this point, one of the job options that an individual with a healthcare administration degree might consider applying for would include:

Program Analyst

Program analysts are individuals who analyze an organization's current mode of operations and subsequently devise and implement strategic plans to optimize its functions. To accomplish this objective, the program analyst will oftentimes advise members of management regarding how to make an organization more profitable by increasing conversion rates and reducing costs. With FEMA, some of the responsibilities one might be expected to perform include:

  • Developing action plans for crisis that support the organization's purpose and mission. This process can include performing incident analysis as well as recommending and developing the appropriate course of action for the purpose of improving the efficacy of the emergency response plan.
  • Developing and subsequently implementing a new crisis action method, procedure, and plan to support FEMA's emergency response abilities.
  • Supporting strategic adaptive planning efforts that are devised for long-term implementation while also coordinating intra-agency and inter-agency emergency response planning efforts
  • Analyzing and evaluating emergency response abilities as well as emergency recovery planning and preparedness
  • Providing guidance and advice to intra-agency representatives from both non-government and government agencies on emergency response planning policies and procedures

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If you are in the process of obtaining a healthcare administration degree and want to know more about career options that you could pursue with FEMA, you should know that several are available. Now that you have a basic understanding of how to get a job with FEMA with a healthcare administration degree, you can begin the process of pursuing and accomplishing your vocational goals.