Do you have a degree in healthcare or a related field or on your way to one and want to know more about the healthcare jobs available in medical equipment? Medical equipment can refer to everything from wheelchairs and hospital beds to oxygen tanks and surgical equipment. Many people think that the only careers available in this field are the sales agents who sell those pieces of equipment, but there are some other possible careers that might pique your interest.

Field Service Technician

Field service technicians typically do not need a healthcare degree, but these techs do need some strong technical skills. When patients buy medical equipment, they need workers who can come in and repair those products when needed. Field service technicians also go to hospitals, doctors' offices and medical clinics to troubleshoot potential problems with the equipment purchased. They can make repairs to those devices and machines, take the products back to the office for additional tests and repairs or replace the equipment with new pieces when the tech cannot repair the device.

Patient Sales Agent

Some of the healthcare jobs available in medical equipment require knowledge of different medical devices and strong customer service skills. A patient sales agent is someone who sells medical equipment specifically to patients. An elderly patient recovering from a stroke might need an adjustable hospital bed at home, while a handicapped patient might need a wheelchair, a motorized scooter or a walker. Agents must have strong knowledge of the products his or her company sells and understand how to ask the right questions to ensure that patients get the products that they need. Though the Bureau of Labor Statistics lumps most sales agents and representatives under the same category, the BLS did report that the number of sales jobs will grow by nine percent by 2022.

Hospital Sales Representative

Though hospital sales representatives and patient sales agents share some similarities, hospital reps sell exclusively to hospitals and other medical facilities. They often work with the accounting department to find products that will fit within that facility's budget and still meet the needs of that facility. Hospitals and doctors' offices need different types of equipment both for patients and staff. Those facilities might require point of sale systems for processing payments, stethoscopes and thermometers for doctors and nurses and surgical equipment and other products for the examination rooms.

Customer Service

Healthcare jobs available in medical equipment also include positions in customer service. When a customer places an order with an agent or representative, the agent is the one responsible for processing that order. Customer service representatives often handle issues that arise after the purchase of that equipment. They can look up information to explain a shipping delay to a customer, give customers details about their most recent orders and make changes to an existing order before it ships. Representatives are also responsible for handling any complaints and finding ways to make customers happier about their purchases.

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The healthcare industry includes a number of jobs beyond doctors and nurses. It refers to any career that involves helping patients with their medical needs. The healthcare jobs available in medical equipment today include agents who sell to both hospitals and patients, customer service representatives and field technicians who go into the field and make repairs and perform maintenance on equipment.