If you are attempting to meet the educational requirements necessary to gain employment with the CDC, you may have wondered if you can work for CDC with healthcare administration degree. By reading the information found below, you can obtain an answer to this question.

Can I Work For the CDC With a Healthcare Administration Degree?

Individuals who are interested in learning whether they can work for the CDC with a healthcare administration degree should know that the answer is yes. However, the type of job that one can attain with the CDC will be contingent upon the specifics of the degree. For example, in addition to holding a degree in a related field, individuals who want to attain jobs for the CDC with a healthcare administration degree must meet other requirements, such as having completed a year of related graduate level education. If this requirement is not met, the individual can apply for a job if she or he had superior academic records, which the CDC interprets as a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale. If this requirement cannot be met, individuals can apply for positions if they have one year of specialized experience at least equivalent to the next lower grade in the Federal service. The CDC defines specialized experience as that which is directly related to the type of work one would complete in the position to be filled. The four most common job types that you will be able to obtain if you meet the requirements with a healthcare administration degree appear below:

Health Education Specialists

A health education specialist is an individual who works with local and state health officials for health promotion and chronic disease prevention services. Individuals who hold this position play an active role in program implementation and strategic planning. In accomplishing their objectives, they will work with racially and ethnically diverse groups. For this reason, they will need to possess the ability to communicate well with members of these groups. Some of the major program areas that the health education specialist may preside over include diabetes disability prevention, breast and cervical cancer prevention, smoking and health, school health education, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Health Informatics Specialists

Health informatics is a field that involves the systematic use of technology and computer science within the public health sector for the purposes of learning and research. By working in conjunction with private and public health partners, health informatics specialists develop and subsequently evaluate various approaches involved in collecting and sharing information systems and national health data.

Health Scientists

Health scientists are individuals who conduct research and/or other types of scientific work that pertains to a relevant subject within the health sector. To perform their job duties, health scientists must have a background of skills and knowledge acquired from professional training within the field of health science. This field often requires that one possess an understanding of scientific techniques and methods common to the health, medical, or allied science sectors.

Public Health Advisors

Public health advisors are individuals who perform various functions such as managing and evaluating programs, providing technical assistance to state and local governments, and conducting disease intervention activities. Some of the program areas that will typically employ individuals who hold this position include immunization, environmental health, injury prevention and control, infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis prevention, and international health and refugee programs.

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If you currently have a healthcare administration degree and are interested in working for the CDC, you should know that doing so is possible. To learn whether or not you qualify, it will be important to visit the CDC website and look at the specific educational and experience requirements for the position in which you are interested. Now that you have a basic understanding of how you can work for CDC with healthcare administration degree, you can begin the process of selecting and applying for the job that will help you accomplish your personal and/or professional goals.