Paying for college is expensive, but you can cover a portion of your studies with healthcare administration scholarships. Specifically designed for students interested in entering the healthcare field, these scholarships let you earn money for writing an essay, completing research or for doing other simple tasks. Some scholarships pay $500 or a few thousand dollars, but you can also find programs and organizations that will pay for the entire cost of your education upfront or after you graduate.

College and University Scholarships

Before you look for scholarships from any other source, look at the scholarships available from your college or university. Many of these schools have scholarships funded by donations from former students. You can get as much as $5,000 just for agreeing to study healthcare administration and graduate from the program. Unlike loans and grants, you can apply for a scholarship without filling out your FAFSA, and you never need to pay back any of your scholarship money. You can bundle your scholarship with other funds to cover the total cost of your schooling.

Research Scholarships

When looking at healthcare administration scholarships, make sure that you look at research scholarships and fellowships. These programs give you money in exchange for working in college. Though most programs are only available at the graduate level, you can find some at the undergraduate level. Graduate students often agree to teach classes, grade papers and work with professors in exchange for room, board and tuition. At the undergraduate level, you might agree to help a professor with a major research program in exchange for money. Some programs give you money upfront, while others will award you money when you complete your research.

Organizational Scholarships

Some of the top healthcare administration scholarships come from organizations in the healthcare field. According to Advocates for Healthcare Administration Worldwide, some of those scholarships include the Gates Millennium Scholarship, F. Edward Ebert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program, New Careers in Nursing Scholarship, David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship and Transamerica Retirements Solutions Leaders In Healthcare Scholarship. Each program has a different policy for applicants. Some programs ask that applicants write a long essay about the importance of healthcare or why they want a degree in the field, while other programs ask for several letters of recommendation. The scholarships give students anywhere from $1,000 to $40,000.

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Repayment Programs

Many students worry that they can't afford college or the loan payments they need to make after graduating. Repayment programs are similar to scholarships, but these programs ask that you make an agreement to work in the public health field after graduation. In exchange for working in an underprivileged area or a lower income area, the program will cover the cost of your student loans. Some of these programs are even available from the federal government. The government gives you a list of areas where you can work, and once you work for a set period of time, the government will forgive your loans.

With the cost of college tuition rising every year, many students find that they can't afford a college education. Though some students take out loans and apply for grants, others use scholarship money to pay for classes, books, room and board. Healthcare administration scholarships can help you pay for everything you need during college.