Healthcare Administration careers are in high demand, and as such, healthcare professionals can expect to receive high salaries. The median pay for Healthcare Administration Careers in 2010 was $84,270, and this occupation is expected to grow faster than average from 2010-2020.

Healthcare Managers or Administrators may manage a department or manage several departments. Some administrators manage a whole facility or a group of facilities. In small facilities, physicians often make all the major decisions and hire healthcare managers to handle day-to-day operations such as personnel issues and finances.

There are many accredited schools that offer healthcare administration degrees. These degrees can be obtained through traditional universities and colleges or through top online healthcare administration degree programs. The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is a top-ranked school offering degrees for healthcare administrators, offering a Masters of Health Services Administration (M.H.S.A.) program. Another highly ranked college is the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. The full-time Master of Healthcare Administration program has small classes and a unique curriculum. They also teach about management and policy. Both universities offer part-time programs for people who want to become Healthcare Administrators or advance into management while working in the healthcare field.

Details About Healthcare Administration Careers

After graduating with a degree in Healthcare Administrations, graduates will find that many Healthcare Administration Careers open up to them. Several possible Healthcare Administration Careers are described below.

A Diagnostic Imaging Manager earns an average of $94,247 a year. Their primary responsibility is to oversee the diagnostic imaging services for medical facilities, ensuring effective and efficient operations.

A Community Relations Manager leads efforts to represent medical facilities favorably in the communities they serve and they command a median salary of $85,192. Community Relations Managers work, for example, in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities.

A Nursing Home Administrator receives a median salary of $91,866 a year for overseeing the activities of a nursing home in accordance with established state and federal guidelines. Nursing Home Administrators may be required to possess at least 10 years of experience in their field before acquiring this very important position.

A Rehabilitation Services Manager is responsible for the efficient and effective operations of physical therapy, sports medicine, occupational therapy and speech departments in various medical settings. Rehabilitation Services Managers earn an average of $95,365 a year.

Administrators are also needed for outpatient treatment centers. For instance, people may need kidney dialysis or you might work in a large health maintenance organization. An Outpatient Clinic Manager manages daily operations of various types of outpatient clinics and earns an average of $87,056 a year.

With a degree in Healthcare Administration, you can qualify for a wide range of Healthcare Administration Careers that are sure to provide long term career satisfaction and rewards.