While being roughly three hours away from Myrtle Beach is a nice reward, it should be no surprise that the schooling available for public health would be in such a highly populated area. With so many tourists gravitating to the area, it is definitely in need of disease prevention, and a good tackle on environmental health issues with access to all necessary health services.

If you believe strongly in having a good grasp on public health issues and are looking for a top notch school to attend to further your public health education, the MPH in General Public Health available through the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina has a lot to offer.

University of South Carolina

Arnold School of Public Health

Having the opportunity to educate and serve a little more than 2,200 widely contrasting students, the Arnold School of Public Health has excelled in academic leadership since its establishment in 2008.. Being a department of the University of South Carolina, there are many notable recognitions including: #1 Best International Experience, 10 Top 25 Graduate Programs, 1 of the nation's best first-year experiences, best value in public colleges as rated by Kiplinger's and Princeton Review, and top 3 percent in the nation for the number of African-American graduates. This is a rapidly growing program, being in receipt of $23 million in research funding. The Arnold School is devoted to improving the health of people globally with dedicated research, education and outreach programs.

MPH in General Public Health

Concentrated on covering a wide range of public health concepts, issues and opportunities, this degree program is a next-step for students with a previous foundation in public health or other health-related sciences. This is an on-campus only degree program due to the detail of the courses involved in obtaining this degree. The curriculum of this program provides a broad understanding of public health disciplines over the course of 42 required credit hours. Upon completion of this program students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals, principles and application of public health components. Each graduating student will also show their understanding of the doctrine pertaining to the public health practice of their chosen area of interest.


  • Council of Education for Public Health


921 Assembly Street PHRC 204
Columbia, SC 29208
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For those who wish to enhance their public health education by earning a master's degree, there is only one choice when it comes to accredited public health degree programs in South Carolina, the Arnold School of Public Health.