Accredited nursing administration degree programs in North Dakota can help you finish a graduate degree easier than you expected. The programs available are perfect for those who work in local hospitals or have busy schedules that prevent them from taking classes at a local school. Administration programs focus more on the skills that you need to lead others instead of teaching you how to work with patients. You'll also learn about hiring workers, employment laws, ethics and a host of other administrative topics. Administration programs in North Dakota are even available online for students who work third shirt or unique hours.

University of Mary

School of Health Sciences

The University of Mary is a small private college in North Dakota that has an affiliation with the Order of Saint Benedict of the Catholic Church. The Benedictine Sisters of Annuciation Monastery founded the college in 1959 as a school for women, but it admitted its first male students just a few years after opening. While its first class featured fewer than 70 students, its enrollment now reaches more than 3,000 students. Also known as Mary and U-Mary, it is the only accredited religious institution of higher learning in the entire state. U-Mary offers both religious studies programs and more traditional programs in nursing and other fields.

MSN Nursing Leadership and Management (Online)

The MSN Nursing Leadership and Management (Online) program offered by the University of Mary is available in two different paths or tracks. The first is an ADN to MSN that is open to students who have an associate degree in nursing. Students must take at least one course in graduate statistics before beginning the program. It includes courses like professional nursing, health care laws and policies, contemporary issues in health care and health care across the population. A BSN to MSN version of the program is open to students with a bachelor degree in nursing. It includes the same courses but also features classes like human resource management, nursing research and influential nursing leadership. As one of the top accredited nursing administration degree programs in North Dakota, the University of Mary helps to better prepare students for their careers. Students must take two seminar courses that include a service learning component.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


7500 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504
(701) 355-8030

No matter what type of nursing degree you have, or whether you have your license, you can still enroll in a nursing program today. Accredited nursing administration degree programs in North Dakota provide opportunities for nurses that they won't find elsewhere and can help you make more money working in the field.

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