Despite its small size, there are several accredited nursing degree programs in New Hampshire. Some of these programs are perfect for high school graduates and those looking to change careers. Programs for undergrads will teach you the fundamental skills that nurses need in today's modern world. As you move up the career ladder though, you need to improve your skills and become a stronger leader, which you can do in a grad program. Grad programs let you specialize your degree too. Look over some of the top colleges that offer nursing programs for graduate students living in New Hampshire and those moving to the state.

Franklin Pierce University

College of Graduate and Professional Studies

Established in 1962, Franklin Pierce University opened as a small liberal arts college. It was one of the first colleges in the state that emphasized the importance of planning for the future. Students can still take classes to learn about the jobs available with their degrees, and they can work with the career office to get help searching for jobs, improving their cover letters and writing their resumes. Its College of Graduate and Professional Studies has three branches in New Hampshire and a fourth branch in Arizona to assist the older students and working students taking its graduate classes.

M.S.N. in Nursing Leadership

When you look at the accredited nursing degree programs in New Hampshire, you'll find that few can compare to the M.S.N. in Nursing Leadership offered by Franklin Pierce University. The university also offers a BSN to MSN program and a graduate program in nursing education for those who want to work with the next generation of nurses. Its M.S.N. in Nursing Leadership teaches students how to use the skills and knowledge they gain in other fields as nurses, how to make ethical decisions and how to take on leadership roles in different facilities. The classes you take depend on whether you have a bachelor's degree or associate's degree, and there is a third track that lets you transition from just an RN license to getting your MSN. Some of the classes that these nurses take include strategic planning and development for nurses, organizational behavior, clinical decision making and clinical nurse practice.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


40 University Drive

Rindge, NH 03461-0060

(800) 437-0048

Whether you want to work in a hospital, hospice or any other type of medical facility, you may need an advanced degree to even get an interview for open positions. To get your foot in the door and advance your career, look over the accredited nursing degree programs in New Hampshire to find one that meets all your education needs.

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