Master’s in Nursing Administration Degree Programs in Florida

Accredited nursing administration degree programs in Florida let you take your talents and skills to the next level. After obtaining a nursing degree, you might spend a few years or longer working for a local doctor or in another medical facility before deciding to go back to school. These programs welcome graduates right out of college and professional students who have commitments and obligations that prevent them from taking traditional classes every day of the week. Before you decide to head back to school, take a look at some of the best nursing administration programs across the state of Florida.

Barry University

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Barry University is a private college in Florida that has an affiliation with the Roman Catholic Church. Founded in 1940 as the Barry College for Women, it was one of the only colleges in the state that admitted only women. Though it later granted admission to men, the college is still fairly small and has a total enrollment of right around 3,000 students. The university now offers both lower level and upper level programs for students as well as some professional programs. These professional programs help working students complete a graduate or undergraduate degree and include many health care topics.

Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Executive Leadership

Though Barry University offers a number of graduate programs in the health care industry, one of its top programs is its Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Executive Leadership. This is one of the more unique programs available through the school and one of the only executive programs designed for nurses in the entire country. As the university designed the program for working nurses, you’ll find that you can easily accommodate the courses you need to take around your schedule. Most students finish the program in three years or less, and the university gives you up to four years to finish. Once you finish, you’ll meet all the requirements necessary for sitting for the Nursing Administration professional exam. This program includes courses on disease prevention, financial strategies, health promotion and human resource development. Barry University expects students to take a practicum and do at least 240 hours of clinical fieldwork too.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


11300 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami Shores, FL 33161-6695
(305) 899-3800
(800) 756-6000, ext. 3800

Jacksonville University

Healthcare Programs

Though Jacksonville University is a private college with no religious affiliation, its first students met in a building owned by a local church. As the college did not yet have a permanent location, it made ends meet with classes held in smaller buildings. After construction ended on its own campus, it opened as the Jacksonville Junior College. The college kept its junior college status for several decades before offering four-year degree programs. Now called Jacksonville University, the campus has around 3,700 enrolled students and offers more than 70 degree programs for undergraduate students. JU also established several graduate programs in more recent years.

Masters in Nursing Administration: Leadership in Healthcare Systems

When searching for accredited nursing administration degree programs in Florida, you’ll find that many like the Masters in Nursing Administration: Leadership in Healthcare Systems available through Jacksonville University. This is a cohort program, which means that you’ll see the same professors and the same students as you complete your studies. Though it is a 30 credit hour program, you’ll take 18 credits of traditional and required nursing courses that ensure you have a strong understanding of the basics you need in your later classes first. The remaining credits come from classes on management and leadership in the nursing field. Core nursing classes include research and theory, health care organization and policy and information systems. The leadership and management courses that you take look at the role of nursing in those fields and include classes like financial management, health and safety in the health care profession and nursing leadership.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


2800 University Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32211
(904) 256-8000

Nova Southeastern University

College of Nursing

Founded in 1964 as the Nova University of Advanced Technology, Nova Southeastern University remains committed to providing students with a strong background in research techniques even today. The university grew at such a rapid pace during the coming decades that it found itself looking for unique ways to teach students. NSU started its own distance learning program and began offering online courses in the late 1980s, which makes it one of the oldest online colleges in the nation. The university now has a flagship or main campus, several satellite campuses and multiple extension centers designed to help students of all ages.

M.S.N. in Health Systems Leadership

Nova Southeastern University offers an M.S.N. in Health Systems Leadership for professional nurses who have a college degree and a license to work as a nurse. The university may admit students who have not yet passed their boards as well, which makes it one of the top accredited nursing administration degree programs in Florida for recent graduates. NSU also accepts students into this program who have a college degree in a field outside of nursing or health care. Students must take 15 credit hours of core nursing classes first. Your performance in those classes shows that you have a good understanding and a basic familiarity with nursing topics. You will then take 21 credit hours of advanced nursing classes. One of those courses is a three credit hour practicum that lets you do some research on a topic that interests you on your own. NSU offers this program online for students with busy schedules.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)


3301 College Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796
(800) 541-6682

Imagine taking a break from classes to dip your toes in the water or doing homework while lounging on the beach. Students in Florida get to experience all this every day. When you enroll in one of the accredited nursing administration degree programs in Florida, you can experience all that too.