Those who live in Arkansas and want to make a difference in the lives of others may look at the accredited nursing degree programs in Arkansas. In addition to traditional degree programs that let you earn a nursing degree and then obtain your license, you'll also find programs that let you turn your RN license into a BSN degree or study a more advanced aspect of nursing. If you love the idea of managing others and helping a facility do its best, you might enroll in a healthcare or nursing administration program at a major college or university with accreditation in Arkansas.

Arkansas Tech University

College of Natural & Health Sciences

Though Arkansas Tech University offers a number of classes today, it originally opened as an agricultural school that focuses on preparing students for working in the agricultural industries that were so common at the turn of the 20th century. This small school also helped students earn a high school diploma. It wasn't until the 1920s that it added associate degree programs to its curriculum. As it expanded into bachelor programs, the university sought accreditation and transitioned from a small junior college to a full fledged university. ATU now has one campus in Russellville and a smaller satellite campus in Ozark.

Master of Science in Nursing Administration

The nursing administration program at Arkansas Tech University ranks as one of the top accredited nursing degree programs in Arkansas because it combines elements of emergency management. Known as the Master of Science in Nursing Administration or the Master of Science in Nursing Administration and Emergency Management, this unique program prepares students for working in emergency situations. You'll learn how to work in different healthcare facilities, lead others, stay up to date on current research in the field and respond to different situations. The core curriculum consists of 30 credit hours of courses like healthcare policies and laws, epidemiology, nursing administration and nursing perspectives. ATU gives students the option of completing a thesis in their final year or taking additional classes in the non-thesis program. You must also take a practicum in nursing administration and take three courses, including on elective, in emergency management. Students who do not have a nursing degree will need to take three prerequisite courses.


  • Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education


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Nursing administration is a specialized area of nursing that teaches you how to effectively lead others and what to do as a manager in a hospital of medical complex. Before choosing a program, make sure that it meets your needs and that it ranks as one of the best accredited nursing degree programs in Arkansas.