Nutritional science graduates have the educational background to work in the health or food industry. Keep in mind that when it comes to health and food, some career areas may require you to obtain additional certification or a special license, so be sure to investigate the careers that interest you thoroughly.

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Five careers for nutritional science graduates include:


If you become a dietitian, you'll be developing nutritional plans for those who have diabetes or another illness that requires a specialized diet. You may even create health plans for people who want to become their trimmest selves. Dietitians also formulate diet plans for the meals served in hospitals and schools. If you wind up using your degree in this type of career, then it will be up to you to create well-rounded menus that feature all of the food groups. Consider entering this field if you're organized and creative. Dietitians usually earn an annual salary that's around $54,000.

Food Scientist

Food scientists work to improve and develop food products for the government, universities or food processing companies. If you enter this career field, then you'll be using microbiology, chemistry and physics as well as engineering and biotechnology to advance the techniques used to distribute, process, store and preserve foods. You'll also be qualified to work as an analyst. This job requires you to assess the contents of food to determine a product's nutritional information. In addition, you'll have the educational background to verify food safety or work in sanitation. Consider becoming a food scientist if you tend to think logically and enjoy methodical work.

Food Service Manager

Food establishments usually hire food service managers to oversee their daily and long-term operations. As a food service manager, you may need to ensure food preparation and cooking safety. Food service managers often take care of the company's human resources tasks and administrative duties. This means that you will hire, train and oversee employees. In this job, it will likely be up to you to order and stock inventory. Consider looking for employment as a food service manager if you're detail-oriented and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

Nutritional Journalist

Nutritional journalists write newspaper or magazine columns about health trends, the latest diet research and nutrition. They may also write about stress management, weight loss and recipes. If healthy living and writing interest you, then consider getting your nutritional science degree with a minor in journalism. This educational background allows you to develop strong written communication skills while gaining a comprehensive understanding of food and how it impacts a person's body. By honing your writing skills in school, you'll also perfect your ability to communicate in different writing styles. Nutritional journalists typically earn about $30,000 a year, but your salary will depend on whether you decide to freelance or seek employment with a publication.

Sports Nutritionist

Sports nutritionists complete many of the same tasks as dietitians, but when you work in the sports field, you'll be using your skills to boost the endurance level of athletes. You'll also guide them toward a healthy diet that includes the proper nutritional balance. This career field will likely require you to travel with a team. In addition, your employer may direct you to use the most recent scientific evidence to enhance the training program of your athletes. Be prepared to track and document the effectiveness of certain food combinations. If you become a sports nutritionist, then you'll earn about $50,000 annually.

As a nutritional science graduate, you'll have the educational credentials to work in food, nutrition or health. Your degree will open the door to a career that lets you test products, work behind the scenes of food production or help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this field, you'll likely earn a comfortable salary and enjoy establishing your career.