With a degree in healthcare administration, you'll be qualified to work in different areas of the medical industry. While taking classes, you'll learn how to manage medical facilities and oversee healthcare systems. Once graduated, most healthcare administrators work in a hospital, medical clinic or health insurance facility. Read on to learn about five careers for a healthcare administration graduates.

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Health Insurance Executive

When you obtain degrees in the medical and business fields, you'll have the knowledge to work in an insurance company's health department or injury division. If you choose this employment route, then you have several career options. For instance, you can become a risk analyst or a claims management specialist. You will also be qualified for employment as an underwriter. If you prefer sales, then you can work with customers while earning commissions. This will give you more control over your income. To work in the insurance industry, you will need to be patient and have excellent organizational skills.

Human Resources Associate

With a degree in healthcare administration, you'll have the option of working in the human resources departments of clinics, hospitals and physical therapy centers. The degree may also give you the opportunity to acquire employment in government offices, universities and schools. Those who work in human resources recruit and employ medical staff members. They also manage employee benefits and compensation packages. In some companies, the human resources department is responsible for producing policy manuals, affirmative action plans and employee handbooks. Job, safety and sexual harassment training are other common tasks completed by those who work in human resources.

Clinical Manager

When you add a healthcare administration degree to your clinical training, you'll be eligible for a position as a head nurse, medical director or executive of nursing. Your clinical training ensures that you are able to understand the ins and outs of patient care while your administrative education gives you knowledge about the executive side of the healthcare industry including a clinic's finances and legal division. If you decide to work in clinical management, you'll also be qualified to become a department head in an outpatient surgery center, hospital or general medical facility.

Nursing Home Supervisor

Nursing homes, convalescent hospitals and residential care centers are other facilities that provide healthcare. If you obtain employment in this type of center, then you'll probably be dealing with the facility's budget or managing the staff. In this position, you may need to advertise the center to the surrounding community. Also, some facilities require their administrators to oversee the entire center's operations and take care of its maintenance. To work as a nursing home administrator, you will need to obtain licensing. Check your area because licensing requirements fluctuate from state to state.

Healthcare Information Specialist

When you obtain employment as a healthcare information specialist, you'll be managing a facility's patient records along with all of the data that the center's healthcare providers track while caring for a patient. In this career field, it will be your responsibility to oversee the security of each patient's records. Also, plan to establish and implement official policies for allowing medical professionals and facilities to access patient records. It will be up to you to keep your medical center current when it comes to using new technology. You'll also need to know if there are federal or state regulations in place regarding the use of new technologies in the medical industry.

A degree in healthcare administration will prepare you to work in the government sector as well as in education. Since this type of degree primes you for supervisory and organizing positions in the medical field, you'll have the chance to work in a variety of environments.

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