Among the many benefits, 5 benefits of completing a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene are discussed below. Someone with a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene works closely with the dentist by assisting in oral surgery, dental procedures, and carrying out many procedures, including periodic cleaning and x-rays, individually. The dental hygienist answers directly to the dentist. Part of your knowledge will be head and neck health as it relates to oral care.

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1. More Job Opportunity

A four-year degree in dental hygiene will provide more opportunity than an associate's degree or a career diploma. Someone with this degree can choose to work in more areas of dental care. Besides being in higher demand in private clinics and hospitals, dental hygienists can find a job in working in education helping prepare dental students for the work field. Pharmacy companies also hire people with this degree to manage dental products. The equipment and supplies used in dental offices come from factories and companies that specialize in making them and ensuring they meet a certain standard.

2. Cannot Be Replaced By Technology

You will notice that jobs that fall under health services and allied health will continue to be in demand as people continue to need these services regardless of how advanced healthcare technology becomes. Dental care is one of the many areas in healthcare that will not be altered by the use of technology. Technology only helps dental hygienists do their jobs efficiently. One of the reasons for this is the human characteristics, like compassion and patience, is part of being a successful dental hygienist. Forbes predicts a 38 percent projected job growth for dental hygienists.

3. Great Starting Salary

Forbes lists dental hygienist as one of the best jobs in healthcare with a median salary of $68,000. After completing your bachelor's degree you can continue to network with other professionals in your field. Keep in mind that your annual salary, one of the biggest benefits of completing a bachelor's in dental hygiene, as gain more on the job experience. In 2015, the Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) stated that the mean hourly rate for a new graduate with a bachelors degree is over $34 and predicted a 19 percent job outlook until 2024.

4. Uses Leadership Skills

You might find that being a dental hygienist is a better fit for your personality. One of the benefits of completing a bachelor's degree in this field is that it gives you more freedom and uses your leadership skills. Dental hygienists are expected to know how to do their job at a high standard of conduct, are trusted and respected by the other professionals they work with. You will not be supervised all the time on the job, instead, you are expected to know how to correctly carry out procedures independently, but if questions arise, don't be afraid to ask.

5. Let's You Apply for Higher Education and Job Positions

You have the freedom of taking your career in so many directions and taking your earning potential and standard of living to new heights. As you gain more experience, you may find that you enjoy your chosen field and want to learn more in a specific area of the healthcare field. After several years working in the field, many people decide to back to school or continue their education to move up to the next salary bracket, boost their professional credibility or work in the education, public health, business or research fields.

Keep in mind that the job market for this profession is becoming more promising but also more competitive. Completing a bachelor's degree in dental hygiene comes with many personal and professional benefits.