If you are a healthcare management professional or an executive, it is very important to contemplate earning your FACHE Credential. The Fellow of American College of Healthcare Executives is a prestigious distinction that shows a professional in health management meets the educational and professional requirements and is board certified and approved. To truly understand why filling out the Fellow application and earning the credential could be so beneficial to your professional and even personal life, read on and find out where this designation can take you and what it means to employers across the country.

What is the American College of Healthcare Executives?

The American College of Healthcare Executives, also called the ACHE, is a professional society of healthcare managers and executives who work to lead hospitals, organizations and other health institutions across the globe. As a professional society that welcomes qualified members to join, the ACHE strives to improve the healthcare management field and aide members with endeavors in education, networking and professional development.

One of the ways that the society has aided members is by offering career development designations like the FACHE designation. Much like doctors and other clinical professionals can earn board certifications, executives can earn this credential awarded by the ACHE. Before you can even apply, you must become a member and take advantage of some of the other resources that are available to you.

Why Apply for the FACHE Credential

The main reason to get board certified by such a highly recognized organization is to maximize your professional potential. When you earn the credential as a healthcare manager, it will show employers that you are committed to the field and that you have the knowledge and skills that will benefit the organization as a whole. You will be much more marketable and may be able to land a pay raise or promotion for taking the time to apply and pass the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management.

How to Qualify for the Board Certified Credential

If you would like to become a Fellow of the ACHE, the first step is becoming a member. Once you are a member, you must show that you have a Master's degree or other advanced graduate degree that pertains to healthcare management. After meeting the educational requirements, you will need to hold a position in the field for no less than 2 years. You will also need to have 3 Fellow references and a resume when you are applying.

Before you will reach Fellow status, you must pass the board exam and gather 5 years of management experience. You will be required to complete at least 36 hours of credits in continuing education and will be asked to participate in healthcare community activities over a span of 3 years as a member. Once you meet all of these requirements within the 3 year period, you can receive your designation and add it to your business cards.

If you plan on pursuing a career in healthcare management, you should take the time to learn about professional designations that can help you advance your career. There are several options to choose from. One of these options to seriously consider is the FACHE credential that is granted by the ACHE.