A health administration degree is a specific type of program aimed at providing guidance to those interested in working in the healthcare field. Unlike doctors and nurses, administrators do not provide medical treatment to patients, but they will work with patients in regards to health insurance and other issuers. Administrators are also responsible for making purchases, ensuring that the facility follows its budget and handling any other daily needs. Those applying for admittance into a health administration program need some specific documents.

Entrance Exams

The type of exam that a student takes depends on whether it's an undergraduate or graduate program. The SAT or ACT test is suitable for those applying to undergraduate programs, while those attending graduate school must take the GRE. Students must pay a fee to take the test, but they can either take a paper test or a computerized test. After completing the test and receiving scores, the student can send those scores to the college. College and graduate programs weigh that score against other factors when determining who makes it into the program.

School Transcripts

Students must also send a copy of their school transcripts to the health administration program. Both high schools and universities keep a record of the classes that students take and the grades they receive. The transcript should contain a list of all the courses the student took and any grades received in those courses. Some programs won't accept transcripts that don't include the student's grade point average.

Letters of Recommendation

Peter Van Buskirk, a writer for U.S. News, recommends that students talk to teachers and guidance counselors several months before applying to college or gradate school. Not all colleges require letters of recommendation for acceptance, but almost all graduate schools ask for several of these letters. Those on the admissions board read through those letters, ensuring that each person has a close relationship with the student and understands how the student would fit with the program. Students should discuss those letters with teachers and others, giving those people time to write a good letter.

Financial Aid Application

Many health administration programs require that students complete a financial aid application when submitting documents to the school. This application asks students questions about their parents and their finances to determine the amount of aid the school can give the student. Some students qualify for scholarships and grants, while other students need government and private loans. Colleges will use that information to determine if the student can afford the program.

College Essays

The last document that a student needs before applying to a health administration program is a college essay, and some schools ask that students write more than one essay. These essays ask students a personal question, and the student writes a one-page or longer response to that question. One school might ask about the worst moment the student ever had, while another school will ask what the students plans to do with a college degree.

Health administration programs require that students complete and send a number of documents when applying for admittance. These documents include personal essays, exam scores, several letters of recommendation and a completed application for financial aid.