The healthcare administration field is a vast industry that includes a long list of entry-level job opportunities for individuals with minimal education and little professional experience. With new healthcare reform acts creating a growing demand for healthcare services in all regions and all age groups, the demand for entry-level and experienced administrators has dramatically risen. Many want to take advantage of growth in the healthcare industry as a whole but do not particularly want to work in a clinical setting where they provide care. If you would prefer to work behind-the-scenes in administration, read on and learn more about what you need to take on an entry-level role and some of the best titles that you can hold to get field experience.

What Level of Education Do You Need to Qualify for Entry-Level Jobs?

A majority of employers will look for candidates for health manager or administrator roles that have a minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration or Health Management. While a 4-year degree in a relevant area of study will qualify you for several different roles, some healthcare employers are known to promote from within when experienced healthcare professionals, like nurses, would like to transition from a clinical role to an administrative role. If you know that your goal is to work in administration, be sure that you take elective courses in an area of the field that relates to the title that you would like to hold or the setting that you would like to work in.

What Settings Can You Work In When Qualified?

The healthcare industry is much more expansive than it might initially seem at first glance. With both private and public facilities to choose from, there are wide horizons when recent graduates are looking for roles with little to no experience. There are currently four different employment sectors experiencing a need for candidates with a Bachelor's in Health Administration. These four sectors include: Healthcare Providers, Insurance Organizations, Policy Organizations, and Healthcare Suppliers. Some of the different types of employers that fall into these sectors include: hospitals, private practices, clinics, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, mental health centers, health maintenance organizations, biotech companies, pharmaceutical firms, state public health agencies and more.

What Titles Can You Hold With Little Experience?

The title that you qualify for with a Bachelor's degree depends upon the setting that you choose to work in. You may be qualified to work as a practice manager in a small physician's office but will not find a management role in a larger setting until you have proven yourself. Some additional titles that you could hold to get experience include:

  • Administrative medical assistant
  • Executive assistant
  • Program reimbursement specialist
  • Business development associate
  • Auditor
  • Intake Coordinator
  • Medical Records Associate
  • Analyst
  • Project Coordinator

Health care jobs are growing and this is especially true in administration. One of the main reasons why administration jobs are so important to companies is because there is a huge focus on cutting costs and lowering budgets so that the company or agency is able to hold on to as much of the revenues as possible. Make sure that you take the time to find out which areas of healthcare administration have the highest potential for growth and then you can select a entry-level job.