MBAs in healthcare administration are becoming more popular. Many students today are using these degrees as a substitute for a master's in health administration, and they're going on to run hospitals. In order to get into an MBA program, though, students will have to first get an undergraduate degree. One of the most popular questions among students is which degree they'll need to get into these MBA programs. Though having a nursing or medical degree can be helpful when applying to a specialized MBA program, you do not need one of these degrees. In fact, many MBA programs will prefer students who have studied some aspects of business.

What Things Do You Learn In Your MBA Program?

You might think that some medical sciences degree is necessary if you are going to earn an MBA in healthcare administration. This is not really true, though, and it's mostly because these programs focus much more on the business side of hospital management. You will learn many skills that will help you manage doctors and make big decisions for large healthcare providers. Since the focus will be on the big picture, having a direct medical background is not necessary to learn these things. You will learn about the latest trends in fundraising, coding, billing, and staff management.

Can a Medical or Nursing Degree Help?

Even though you don't have to have a nursing degree or medical degree to get into a specialized MBA program, there is no doubt that these degrees can give you a better understanding of the medical field. When you study medicine or nursing, you will become better acquainted with the challenges faced by people in these industries. With this knowledge, you'll be able to make more effective decisions when you are finally in power. Additionally, nursing and medical degrees show that you have the capacity for rigorous academic work, which can only be positive as you put in applications.

What Other Degree Options Might Work For You?

There are many degrees that you might use to leap into an MBA in healthcare administration. If you have studied business, then you will likely be able to get into a good specialized MBA program. But people with business backgrounds might not benefit from an additional MBA. For these people the MHA degree might be a better way to differentiate. Some people move on to healthcare MBAs after studying things like psychology or communications. This kind of MBA will set you up as a leader in the medical field, and there are many skills that you will need. Any degree that requires you to speak and write effectively will serve you well.

A nursing or medical degree can be very valuable both for getting into a solid specialized MBA program and for furthering your career down the road. It is not necessary for you to choose these degrees, though. Many people get into great MBA programs every year after studying all sorts of different things. If you haven't earned your stripes with a nursing or medical degree, don't fret. There are still options for you.

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