15 Most Affordable Online Bachelor’s in Health Sciences Degrees 2016-2017

By HADP Staff
November 2016

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the health care field can advance their career prospects by earning an affordable online bachelor’s in health sciences. These degrees, which are also called allied health degrees, are broad degrees that cover a wide range of topics in the health care field; the best health sciences programs prepare students to pursue most health-related jobs except for physicians and nurses. Graduates of these programs will learn a variety of different skills, including chemistry, biology, health care ethics, organizational management and medical terminology. Because an online allied health degree can cover so many different topics, many students choose to specialize in specific aspects of the industry, such as health education or health systems analysis.

Health sciences jobs are expected to experience strong growth over the next decade; the BLS expects the field to grow by 17%. Earning an online health sciences degree will prepare you to work in this growing field, and it will also qualify you to pursue graduate-level studies to further advance your career prospects. Graduating from one of these online health sciences programs can position you for any number of financially rewarding career paths. Medical and health service managers, for example, typically graduate with a health sciences degree; they earn an average of $94,500 per year.


To find the best colleges for health sciences by price, we used the NCES College Navigator to find all 36 schools that offered either an online undergraduate health sciences degree or an online undergraduate allied health degree. We then selected the 15 most affordable online health sciences programs, using in-state tuition rates whenever available.


1. Florida Gulf Coast University

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Online


Florida Gulf Coast University offers a Bachelor of Science program in health science. The program is delivered through online tools, making it a good choice for distance learners and those without the free time to attend classes during the day. This program has options designed for individuals already working in the health sciences field and those who are just getting started. Required courses examine a number of important subjects, including leadership and research methods in health care. Students must complete at least 120 credit hours and participate in a senior seminar.

Tuition: $6,118/yr


2. The University of West Florida

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


At the University of West Florida, students can earn an accredited Bachelor of Science degree in health sciences with a specialization in either health care administration or public health. The university’s program is completely online and requires 120 credit hours. The program is available to students of all experience levels in health sciences and can be used for career advancement. Students with specific career plans in the industry can take electives that suit their goals, including classes on nutrition and nursing.

Tuition: $6,360/yr


3. Texas Woman’s University

Online Bachelor of Applied Science with Major in Health Studies


The Bachelor of Applied Science degree completion program at Texas Woman’s University is offered online. Students with academic backgrounds in a number of related fields, including biotechnology and health information management, are welcome to apply. Students must have earned an associate degree before applying for this program. In order to graduate, students will need to complete 21 credit hours in health studies and 15 credit hours in business courses.

Tuition: $6,948/yr


4. Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Bachelor of Applied Science in Allied Health Online


The Bachelor of Applied Science in allied health at Northwestern State University of Louisiana is designed for distance learning, allowing students to earn their bachelor’s in allied health online. The courses target working students who already have some professional experience in a health care setting. Students who have previously achieved some academic experience can expect a shorter course duration. Completing clinical coursework and general educational requirements before beginning the degree can help students finish this program more quickly. After graduation, students will have gained new skills to help them work in a clinical setting.

Tuition: $7,006/yr


5. Granite State College

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Leadership Online


Granite State College offers a Bachelor of Science in allied health leadership degree delivered conveniently through an online format. This degree prepares students for careers in leadership positions in the allied health care field, including as health administrators and program directors. The program aims to educate students on the importance of leadership theories, ethical principles and organizational management. The program allows students with a related associate degree to easily advance to the next stage of their academic career.

Tuition: $7,257/yr


6. University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Care Science – Allied Health Completion


Students who have earned an associate degree in health care sciences can earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The core classes in this program, along with the electives, can be completed online. Students will have the option to choose classes to help them reach their career goals. Potential jobs after completing this program include radiation therapist, health service manager and physical therapist. Students must already have some work experience in the allied health care field to apply for this program.

Tuition: $7,692/yr


7. University of South Dakota

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Online


The University of South Dakota’s online Bachelor of Science in health sciences equips students with the tools and techniques needed for a wide range of health care careers. The program consists of six different paths for students to choose to help their future careers. Each path has different requirements and outcomes. For example, the health care advancement studies path is designed for students who already hold an associate degree. Several programs, including the undergraduate research route, help students to advance to graduate degree programs.

Tuition: $8,457/yr


8. Trident University International Online

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


Trident University, a fully online school, offers a Bachelor of Science in health sciences degree for those who wish to work in any number of health care settings. The course requires students to complete 120 credit hours covering ethics, health behavior and more. The school offers concentrations in two subjects: public health and health care management. Students who choose the public health concentration can choose from four specializations, including health education and disaster management. Students can also use the experiences and skills they learn in this program to pursue advanced academic degrees.

Tuition: $9,000/yr


9. Northern Kentucky University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Science


The Bachelor of Science in health science program at Northern Kentucky University offers two degree completion tracks: clinical and non-clinical. The clinical track is ideal for students who already have an associate degree and relevant work experience. Students will gain additional educational knowledge to help their existing careers blossom. The non-clinical track is designed for students who wish to work in non-clinical positions in hospitals and other health care environments. This track is commonly used by students seeking a master’s degree.

Tuition: $9,120/yr


10. United States University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


The Bachelor of Science in health sciences program at United States University includes three concentrations: health education, gerontology and health services administration. All programs are offered online, and students can expect small class sizes to help them make the most of their educational experience. Throughout the program, students will learn how to evaluate ethical health care situations, understand research data and build critical teamwork skills. This program can be undertaken by those already in the health care field and those who are looking to join the industry. Most students finish their degree within 40 months.

Tuition: $9,440/yr


11. University of Missouri

Bachelor of Health Science Online


Students who are interested in a non-clinical career may wish to pursue the bachelor of health science degree program at the University of Missouri. This online degree is a good option for students with a health science educational background who want to earn an advanced degree. Graduates of this program can seek a number of jobs in the field, including medical equipment salesperson and wellness coordinator. Students may also use this degree as a stepping stone to further advanced degrees. To graduate, students must complete 120 credit hours, including 41 credit hours spent on electives relevant to the student’s career goals.

Tuition: $9,509/yr


12. Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Online Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Leadership


Clarion University of Pennsylvania’s Bachelor of Science in allied health leadership strives to prepare students to become leaders in an evolving health care field. The online program was designed for students who possess an associate degree and want to take their career to the next step. Students who hold accredited certifications and have professional experience may also apply to the program. The program is only offered online, making it a good choice for those currently working in health care.

Tuition: $10,190/yr


13. Azusa Pacific University College

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Online


Azusa Pacific University College offers a Bachelor of Science in health sciences with a special emphasis on Christian principles throughout the course. The school has earned a reputation for excellence, and their program is considered to be one of the best online health service programs in the country. Students can choose from a list of possible emphasis areas for a well-rounded educational experience. These areas include general psychology, human services and organizational dynamics. The program is only offered online and should take two to four years to complete. After graduation, students can look for jobs in clinics, hospitals and health organizations in their local communities. Students may also use their degree to gain acceptance in graduate-level programs.

Tuition: $12,000/yr


14. National University

Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Online


Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in allied health from National University can apply their new knowledge and skills to leadership positions in health care. This online program requires 180 credit hours, some of which can come from transfer credits. The core courses in the degree include classes on health care research, healthy aging and informatics. Students may also opt for the only concentration track available in this program: health informatics. This concentration focuses on the role of technology in health care.

Tuition: $12,744/yr


15. Rutgers University

Online Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


Students interested in earning a Bachelor of Science in health sciences from Rutgers University must first possess an associate degree or certification in a health discipline. The program can be completed online and allows flexibility for completion; students have up to eight years to finish the program after successful enrollment. The core classes of the degree cover ethics and cultural issues in health care. Students will also take courses covering technology standards in the health care field and complete an internship or practicum before graduation.

Tuition: $14,131/yr

Earning a health sciences degree online is an excellent way to prepare yourself for a rewarding career path. Whether you already have some experience in the health care industry or are just beginning your schooling, there are many online allied health programs that can help you meet your long-term career goals. With the accelerating demand for allied health careers, graduating with an affordable online bachelor’s in health sciences will help you get started in a career with excellent long-term prospects.

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