• $1500 scholarship for bachelor's or master's degrees in healthcare administration and management.
  • Application Deadlines: May 15 and October 15.
  • Available to all U.S. Citizens pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in healthcare administration or healthcare management at an accredited university.

At Healthcare Administration Degree Programs, we're committed to helping students fulfill their leadership goals by earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in healthcare administration. Since we believe that no promising healthcare managers should be held back due to finances alone, we've decided to create a $1,500 scholarship program. Twice each year, we'll accept applications from students pursuing bachelor's or master's degrees in healthcare administration and management. Our mission is to greatly lower the out-of-pocket educational expenses owed by future healthcare administrators.As the demand for healthcare services soars in today's fast-growing medical industry, so does the need for qualified healthcare administrators to manage the essential resources for delivering effective patient care. Healthcare administrators serve as the backbone for virtually every medical facility to minimize operating costs while maximizing efficiency. Well-known for being one of the nation's most in-demand career paths, the employment of health services managers is expected to skyrocket by 23 percent over the next decade to create 73,300 new jobs. Being hired for these positions will typically require at least a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration, which can be difficult to afford thanks to rising tuition costs.

Healthcare Administration and Management Scholarship Applicants Must:

• Be undergraduate or graduate students currently accepted at or attending an accredited post-secondary institution in the United States either full-time or part-time.
• Have U.S. citizenship
• Be earning a bachelor's or master's degree in healthcare administration or a comparable healthcare field to build a career in the healthcare management profession.
• Carry a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale as verified on official high school or college transcripts sent directly from the school.
• Demonstrate a sincere dedication to the healthcare field through involvement in professional organizations and/or leadership in healthcare-related community service.
• Print and complete this scholarship application form.
• Submit one (1) cover letter and resume with two (2) letters of recommendation from someone in a professional position such as teachers, faculty advisors, department heads, supervisors, or other healthcare professionals.
• Write one (1) personal essay of 500 to 1,000 words highlighting your future career plans in the area of healthcare administration and why you've chosen this rewarding field.

Scholarship Deadlines:

For consideration in the current scholarship cycle, applicants must submit all required materials to the Healthcare Administration Degree Programs (HADP) scholarship committee before the deadline on May 15th or October 15th. Awardees will be chosen and notified by email within one month from these dates.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

After the deadline, the HADP scholarship committee will meet to carefully review each applicant's materials and make final selections. Recipients will be chosen based on their academic achievement, participation in school and/or community activities, and future career aspirations within healthcare administration. Depending on the number of qualified finalists, the committee may require a personal interview via video conferencing.

Scholarship Notification Process:

By June 15th or November 15th, our committee will settle on a decision and notify the award recipient via email. Scholarship winners will also receive a letter through U.S. mail with a check made payable directly to their school of choice. It's the responsibility of the recipient to properly forward this check to their financial aid office. Those who aren't selected will not be notified, but are encouraged to reapply during the next scholarship cycle.

Contact Information:

If you have any further questions or are prepared to submit your completed application, send your email to [email protected]. Please include all of your application materials in one single email for simplified processing. Make certain your application arrives to the HADP scholarship committee before midnight on May 15th or October 15th to be considered for this funding opportunity.